Experiment carried out in collaboration with Mobitrans Ltd. within the 2nd Opencall of the SmartSantander Project.

  • This App collects data from two sources: on the one hand, 40 vehicle sensors installed by the project SmartSantander and on the other, approximately 300 spiers that already existed from the City Council.
  • These data are treated, filtered and homogenized by the application and stored in a local DB, feeding a mathematical model of the city created by Mobitrans.
  • This model uses estimates of displacement patterns using origin-destination matrices and mathematical models of traffic allocation, generating as output a KMZ file with the status of the traffic that is displayed directly on a map using 4 basic colors: fluid, moderate, dense and congested.
  • In addition, it incorporates information on existing or planned traffic cuts based on notifications sent by the City Council.