Implementation of a fleet management system at the FASA factory in Palencia to monitor the movements made by those vehicles that have to be moved between the factory and the supplier fleet and vice versa.

The monitoring is done through a locator connected to the OBDII port of the vehicles (without the need for installation).

It allows to obtain the information of the vehicle exchange (CAN BUS) in real time and transmit it via GPRS.

When starting the vehicle the device begins to transmit the information, and can be identified by its frame number (VIN).


  • Registration of entrances / exits of the vehicles of the factory premises through the definition of virtual fences and generation of alarms when leaving / entering them.
  • Generation of alarms when the devices are disconnected from a vehicle.
  • Movement management of each vehicle, having access to historical even after removing the device.
  • Track of displacements in real time via web.
  • Graphical interface for analysis of temporal distributions.
  • Generation reports.

Evolution of the Project

This system was implemented at the beginning of 2015, and continues to be used by RENAULT staff at present. The technologies used then, offered levels of GPS precision and sampling frequency in some cases insufficient, so it was necessary a software development until debug its operation.

Currently, IoT-oriented networks such as SigFox (and soon, 5G) meet these needs, offering geolocation and tracking services, improving security and energy efficiency, and reducing the cost of communications.