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Niagara Framework® connects, normalizes and controls data throughout your manufacturing company, allowing you to make better decisions. From the use of energy to improved production, our industrial solutions are created to meet the specific objectives of each company.

Smart Cities

The emergence of the so-called “smart cities” has created new applications of the Niagara Framework®. Our open platform allows communities to create an ecosystem of commercial buildings, smart grids, public water service management, transport applications and interconnected government service administration. Niagara can help municipalities operate more efficiently, knowledge and intelligence while maintaining and improving their current infrastructure.

Smart Buildings

Niagara is an integral control and management solution used in the creation of more efficient and safer smart buildings, which use less energy, have lower operating costs and contribute to the development of a sustainable environment while their return on investment is significant. Whether it is office towers, factories, hospitals, hotels, airports or grocery stores, individual buildings or complexes with several buildings.

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