Integrating federated IoT data and BIM to enable dynamic asset modelling


While the Internet-of-Things (IoT) keeps growing across multiple contexts of application, this is often in the form of silos that pose challenges of data insularity and lack of integration. The project FIESTA-IoT steps in to develop new capacities of combining data streams and services from diverse IoT sites and testbeds, thus widening the scope of smart applications and businesses. In so doing, FIESTA-IoT puts in place a experiment as a service (EaaS) paradigm, where users can run trials on multiple IoT testbeds that are federated thorugh a single entry point or application program interface (API).

Figure 1: FIESTA-IoT testbed federation concept overview (Lanza,Sanchez, Gomez et al., 2016)

It is in this capacity of experimenter that Heritas Soluciones Tecnológicas is taking part in the FIESTA-IoT Open Call 1 with a proposal called Smart Polyhedron Indicator for Asset Management (SPIAM). The idea is to develop a self-contained indicator for the management of the whole federation of IoT testbeds understood as an asset. In order to construct an abstract visual represantation of this new federated reality for our indicator we turn to BIM modelling, and take the opportunity to work on the integration of two converging realms, that of IoT and BIM.

The outcomes of our experiement, both in terms of integration with the FIESTA-IoT platform and in terms of making progress with making BIM dynamic through IoT measurements are showcased here. We expect these results to have a significant impact as part of a research and innovation strategy along the lines of smart asset management and maintenance.


  • Integration with the FIESTA-IoT meta-platform.

  • Investigate and further develop the inclusion of sensor data into City Models generally, and particularly into BIM models.

  • Visualize the sensor readings and indicators in a comprehensive way that is useful for urban and city planner and decision makers through the use of BIM models.

  • Provide specific feedback to FIESTA-IoT, addressing potential factors, barriers or considerations that may have impact upon the technologies applied.

    User Interface

the FIESTA-IoT platform has been associated with an individual  cube out of the ten that conform the Smart Polyhedron Indicator. These ten cubes are capable of updating the value and associated colour in sync with dynamics and behaviour of an equal number FIESTA-IoT sensors. As it follows, a script listens to the dataflow and creates a new IFC file if there are any changes coming from the FIESTA-IoT platform. With every IFC file creation, based in the last IFC file registered, the Smart Polyhedron Indicator based on a 3D BIM modle displays the changes in the nominal values and the colour associated with each FIESTA-IoT sensor.

Figure 2: Map of testbeds


Santander site:
-Noise Level

Surray site:
-Noise Level

 KETI site:
-Building Temperature

Figure 3: Sensor data associated with each cube of SPIAM

It is posible to get the sensor measurements in our BIM model. The way to do so is with a click on the preferred cube from the ten different options and then properties from the user interface menu. Scrolling down in the information displayed we reach the “Pset_AnalogOutput” section, where we can find the name and latest value of the sensor.

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Figure 4: User Interface


Video 1: Herita’s experiment

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 643943